Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod

Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod

Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod Rating:
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Not only you can save up to 80% by using your own favourite coffee, you also aid conserve the environment from getting polluted with plastic cups. The revolutionary Decaflo Spray Head mixed with our proprietary Micro Foil filter pattern give you a properly brewed cup of rich and complete-bodied coffee every single time.


  • Compatible with Keurig Vue Models V500, V600, V700, V1200, V1255

Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod 4.2 out of 5 based on 514 ratings. 514 user reviews
Best Selling Coffee Pods Coffee pods Top Rated Coffee Pods Solofill V1 GOLD CUP 24K Plated Refillable Filter Cup for Coffee Pod Not only you can save up to 80% by using your own favourite coffee, you also aid conserve the environment from getting polluted with plastic cups. The revolutionary Decaflo Spray Head mixed with our proprietary Micro Foil filter pattern give you a properly brewed cup of rich and complete-bodied coffee every single time. $17.67
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  1. I review the evaluations after that got the filter yesterday. I make sure the cover is pushed down tight as suggested by someone else, and the filter works like a desire! Yes, there is sediment at the bottom of your mug. That is due to the really shear gold filter. Any individual who has used gold filters prior to is familiar. It is not recognizable when consuming the coffee. It is absolutely nothing like coffee grounds in your mouth, and if you resemble me and like a strong cup of coffee, the sediment makes for an excellent mug. I extremely advise this filter if you are wheelsed of the outrageous rates of the Keurig coffee, and have been making use of paper filters with the recyclable plastic cups as advised on Making them yourself is quite messy and you wind up with coffee grounds almost everywhere. This filter is not messy and NO COFFEE GROUNDS leave!. it is sediment. Nevertheless, the price on amazon is RIDICULOUS! I got mine at BB and B for $19.99, and utilized their 20 % off vouchers. I paid $15.99. Amazon costs had actually hiked up substantially the last 6 months and I am discovering better costs elsewhere on a bunch of products. If you enjoy your coffee like I do and have been awaiting a Vue filter, opt for this one. Keurig was supposed ahead out with a filter early 2013, and now have put it off to late 2013!. it’s not rocket technology Keurig !!

  2. I acquired this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for just $20. First let me state that this filter DOES NOT leave grounds as others have explained, it DOES leave a small sediment similar to if you had actually utilized a french press or various other metal filters. The sediment will only stay at the bottom. I don’t mind the sediment directly, but if you don’t like it merely prevent the last sip or utilize a paper lining to keep it out. I find the preference of the coffee to be really excellent and it really reminds me of french press coffee. I normally will grind the coffee at a setting in between a cone filter and capuccino however don’t hesitate to play around with it. I have also made tea in it, which comes out terrific and I have made hot delicious chocolate by securing the filter and this also comes out really great. I’m really happy I acquired this item and it saves me cash against buying the vue mugs which could end up costing you between $40-$50 bucks each pound !!!! The tidy up is relatively simple too. My only grievance is that Solofill made this in the “TO GO size Vcup” and didn’t make a “Regular sized V-cup” choice. For those that might not understand the Vue has 2 sized Vcup cases– this being the bigger of the two.

  3. This cup is fantastic! First, ignore all the evaluations concerning it being over-priced and just examine the price now when you’re taking a look at it. Some of the other reveiws were composed when this product initially struck and was being offered by a 3rd party. Now it’s largely available below, at BB and B, Kohls, and others; and all pretty much for the exact same cost. I acquired mine at Kohls b/c I had the 30 % off coupon which made it much less compared to $15. Anyway, I’ve tried everything: K-cup inside a spent Vue cup; my very own coffee in an array of paper filters and inside a spent Vue cup. To obtain the most effective and most regular brew of my own coffee from the Vue machine, I recognized I could only utilize the Vue for its hot water and used a press for the coffee steeping. See, the trouble is that the water enters into the leading of the Vue mug, which is positioned at an angle. The water soaks with the coffee then puts back out with a spout. Till this V1 cup showed up from Solofill, there was no gizmo that would obtain that same circulation. So I either wound up with a fragile mixture, grounds in my coffee, or both. Now– it’s excellent! The cover closes well; the whole system suits perfectly in the brew chamber; it’s not also hot after usage; and the coffee makes perfectly! If you like making your own coffee and you obtained the Vue machine, this is an awesome buy!

  4. Solofill does deal with my Vue V500. It does nonetheless leave too much grease when brewing Cafe Bustelo java for my preference. (In my regular Keurig Coffee shop Bustelo is the ideal coffee). The good news is that this Solofill allows utilize the conventional K-cup. You read that right. With this Solofill you can use the regular k-cups with an alteration to the k-cup that takes 2 seconds. All you do is get rid of the hinged cover off the Solofill. Take the gold remove. You do not require it to make use of the k-cup. You could put the cover back on when your done brewing. Now take your typical k-cup and making use of a paperclip poke a hole near the bottom of the k-cup. Make it low enough not to hit the paper filter inside the k-cup. Now position the k-cup in the owner with solitary confinement in the k-cup dealing with the front of the owner (where the notch protrudes). Place the wine colored owner with the k-cup in the Vue and press cover of Vue down. Don’t forget to do this with lid off the wine tinted filter owner or it wont fit in equipment. It actually just takes a number of secs and easy to do and will certainly save you bookoo dollars over the V-cups. Appreciate the cost savings!

  5. I spent hrs attempting to figure out how to utilize any sort of kind of filter with the Solofill to get rid of the sediment in my coffee. It’s not premises, just sediment and with specific coffees it’s even worse compared to with others. This seems to be the biggest complaint with this filter on lots of sites. I’ve seen all type of videos where folks reveal you taxing remedies building your own Vue cups. Instantly it dawned on me. Why attempt and filter the sediment INSIDE the Keurig VUE. It’s so easy to do it outside. I had a long-term nylon mesh coffee filter compared to featured a small Mr. Coffee. I merely position it in addition to my coffee cup and mixture. No sediment! Merely rinse the filter. Merely ordered 2 cone nylon mesh long-term filter on ebay that will certainly match virtually any coffee cup, only $4.50 each. Possibly eventually someone will certainly come out with a filter that will certainly do this IN the VUE, but for now this is an easy, basic remedy.

  6. It does collaborate with the V500 residence model. I love the truth that I could utilize my own flavor coffee that does not been available in the tastes I want by Keurig. So this was a perfect fit. It does make a really great strong coffee also.

  7. The bottom line is, until this product, our Vue was just a novelty on the cusp of being sold on Craigslist. We discovered the mugs to be also expensive to be made use of with any type of frequency, plus quite limited in range, and lastly, its dimension using up too much space in our small kitchen. By comparison, we had a little yet trustworthy, albiet older, Mr Coffee K-cup maker utilizing ekoBrew cups. On the same day we determined to Cragslist our Vue, we tried to Google “Reusable Vue cup,” for what was probably the hundredth time given that we acquired it. Lo and behold! A person lastly developed a refillable mug for the Vue. Like other evaluators, ours was bought at Bed Bath and Beyond (utilizing the 20 % off coupon acquires it around the $15-16 price). So worth it! The Solofill cup functions very well and have not had any sort of problems in the last month we’ve been using it. Amazon merchants, if you are listening closely– just what is up with your pricing? With the Vue being what it is, your rates are virtually extortion. Please, everybody, investment this at a merchant like Bed Bath and Beyond or Kohl’s, where you can obtain it for a saner price.

  8. My wife enjoys Tetley Herbal tea. By placing two herbal tea bags into this mug and using the Vue 700 you acquire the best mug of early morning herbal tea with no mess whatsoever.

  9. I have a Keurig V500. It works ideal with this machine. Other assess have actually claimed that some coffee grinds or grit went thru the gold filter and ended up in their coffee. I have actually had not a problem with that said. I would certainly suggest this and I am going to buy one more one.

  10. This device is great. It allows you to utilize your very own coffee and also Kcups in the Vue mug device. Just jab a gap in all-time low on the Kcups and from it in to the solo mug owner … Do not make use of the filter or leading.

  11. An extremely, very good filter cup, and now I could use my favorite residence coffee. Have attempted it for numerous weeks, and quite simple to clean, rinse out. I strongly advise this to any sort of one who likes their very own coffee. The best one I ever have actually possessed. Likewise had actually utilized the older K-Cup container, yet it is not similar to this VUE-CUP Replacement, which Keurig at some point will come out. Although I am not examining the Keurig Vue design V700, this Solofill Gold Mug is wonderful. I have begun to drink additional grt coffee … Frank from Nevada

  12. This product is for utilizing your own coffee with the KEURIG VUE MODELcompared to cafe mugs for keurig, this works so much betteri believe it is partly style and partially the included perks you get with the VUEI like the more powerful warmer coffee options on the vuew and i love starbuck sumatra and it is not in vue cups so i need this to optimize my ohmmmm with coffee each dayyou will like this item on any 1 mug device … they make them really well.

  13. First, I don’t know where I review it but YOU TIN NOT USAGE REGULAR KCUP PODS WITH THIS. The filter works fantastic. The Vue mugs can often be hard to discover so this makes things way much easier. The sediment is so very small you do not even discover when you consume it black and if you utilize creamer it just looks like some cinnamon. I’ve utilized reusable filters for a keurig besides a Vue and they’ve all been crap. This is great and I advise everyone purchase one if they have a Vue.

  14. I review the evaluations and am happy I got this despite the cautions. Yes you do have to see to it the lid is totally pressed down. So just what? If u start to lower your Keurig device cover and notice resistance why would you force it and crack the needle? Just take it out and weigh down the filter lid – not rocket science. I had a display filter like this in my routine coffee pot maker so am made use of to having sediment in my coffee cup. WORKS are just what drift about in the best of your cup from spilling spill completely dry coffee outside the filter when you brew coffee on any coffee machine. Sediment is merely much more scrumptious coffee in a compressed version in your cup from utilizing a mesh screen. Even great red wine has sediment. I directly like it and see it as an extra perk of high levels of caffeine love in my cup. Don’t permit the reviews scare you off from getting this. We can still make our favored residence coffee now because of this little gem and also delight in the Vue mug assortments whenever we decide on.

  15. I’m an animal of routine and do not like change. Because I in fact like my Folgers Breakfast Blend, I acquired the Solofill V1. It enables me to use whatever coffee I want. It is simple to use and easy to cleanse.

  16. I enjoy this product! Yes, there might be some great sediment at the bottom of your cup– but, as others have stated, simply don’t take the last sip! I use it every day in my 14-oz. coffee cup and my coffee comes out completely, and tastes much like the cause by the a lot more pricey Vue sheaths. I have actually utilized it with (unstringed) herbal tea bags, too, and the results are equally best. I desire there were a method to make hot delicious chocolate in it, as the Vue pods are dreadful and made with artificial sweetener. I highly recommend this!

  17. I just bought the Keurig V500 and have actually not managed to locate V-cups at neighborhood markets. I did lots of searches for a V Refillable Filter Mug and bumped into this one. IT WORKS! The Amazon price is great …$16 Excellent … no shipping. I could utilize my very own coffees, both pre- ground and the whole beans I grind myself. The instructions with the Solofill state not to make use of with great expresso coffees due to the fact that it will experience the mesh. I utilize a regular work and I do not have any kind of sludge in my cup. I believe my coffee taste much better than the costly sheaths from Keurig. What a true blessing this product is!

  18. The only things I could take to why anybody could not discover this product wonderful. 1. Didn’t close the lid properly because of roaming grounds near the o ring. 2. Never utilized a coffee press and discover silt at the bottom of a cup somewhat unwanted. 3. Never ever attempted to utilize various quantities of coffee in the container. 4. Is never satisfied with anything and can’t complain to anyone because they live alone. You understand. It works excellent for me. I merely follow the instructions. PS I would not use a k cup and adapter in this unit. Also due to the lack of merchants for the vue mugs, I have some question concerning the continued manufacturing of the vue devices.

  19. I enjoy my Keurig Vue however dislike not finding compatible Vue Mugs wholesale acquisition. I normally get my K-Cups from Costco but they fall short to bring Vue Cups, makinged me seek an alternative and it’s exactly how I discovered the Solofill V1. This is an outstanding cash conserving accessory. Have yet to face any concerns with it. A have to have if you desire to make economical coffee on your Keurig Vue device.

  20. As you could know, the Keurig K-Cup system is well assisted. The option of K-Cups is ever before enhancing! After buying a new Vue Pack system, I felt like I was jilted because of the lack of assistance for the system. I called Keurig customer support to inquire of future releases of Vue Packs. They were of no assistance. I inquired if they would be releasing a refillable filter cup for the Vue, just like the one that they produce the K-Cup system. They said they had no strategies to produce one. I actually seemed like I had been jilted. I in all honesty regreted my purchase of my Vue. Also today, the option of Vue Packs fades to the available K-Cups. Yet, behold, the Solofill V1 Gold Cup 24K Plated Refillable Filter for the Keurig Vue was produced. Spectacular! I have the ability to make use of ground coffees and teas of my deciding on! I still regret my Vue investment, yet the Solofill buffers the pain! I highly recommend this product. I envisioning to buy one more simply in instance Keurig deserts the Vue line of product.

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